About Us

Our Story

Global Fence opened their gates in Cape Coral and Fort Myers in the year of 2003 with the vision of promoting and selling vinyl fence, a product that at the time was only beginning to see popularity in our area, President and contractor Fabiola Naranjo then decided to invest in a programmable fabrication machines for the purpose of custom fence building and tailoring our great products to suit our customers needs.

With Vinyl fence still being a new product and custom fabrication being in its infancy, Global Fence became the first pioneers of PVC fence, or Vinyl fence as we prefer to call it, and saw firsthand the many benefits of our products from top notch suppliers.

The first thing we noticed is that people love the clean look of the material and the demand for this type of fence quickly took off, despite the seasonal hurricanes because it's been proven to be easily re-assembled and put back together as good as new.

For years we dedicated ourselves to fabricating custom vinyl fences and created many different styles, privacy fence was one of the most popular fences we ever made, but soon we added many other different styles in the name of excellent customer service. Certain popular types would be Vinyl Picket fence, Semi-privacy Vinyl fence, Ornate Vinyl Picket fence such as lattice fence and picket top fence / vinyl sunburst fence, and the newly popular horizontal semi-privacy vinyl fence, we have also included pool code fences and several other options for our customers.

Nowadays we have included  many other kinds of fence materials ranging from chain-link fence, wood fence, aluminum fence that resembles wrought iron bars, and aluminum privacy fence as well. Whatever your fencing needs may be, our friendly and experienced team is sure to help frame the yard or enclosure of your dreams, just give us a call. WE DO FREE ESTIMATES!